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Zombie Tee

Love Zombies?
Then this is DEFINITELY the t-shirt for you.

A unisex tee with a vintage model being chased by three zombies
Designed by the amazing Alex Hillbrook who works with ADTR and Bury Tomorrow.

How could you go wrong?

You Can't Hang

The 'You Can't Hang' design is now what we like to call a 'Cult Classic' here at Family of the Dead due to the fact it's much loved by our customers we don't see ourselves phasing it out anytime in the future.

Wrath Tee

Part of our Seven Deadly Sins Collection

Male? Female?
If you're a Wrath sinner, this t-shirt is for you.
Or if you know someone who is, why not gift them with this amazingly designed tee?

Wolf Tee

If you are on Little Red Riding Hood's team then this tee isn't for you!

Unisex tee with a hungry wolf leaping out at you!
Couldn't ask for more.

White Bamboo Oversized Crop Top

Crop Top constructed from 70% Bamboo. 

'Angry Boy' On The Front

When I was a child
Running in the night
Afraid of what might be'


Turquoise and Pink T-Shirt

Presenting an original from Sketch Co.
You're guaranteed an excellent, comfortable fit with soft, durable and high quality cotton.

Each tee is hand made and unique.
Tees are machine washable, however it is advised to wash alone for a few washes. Tee may fade slightly after washing, however will not run.